Laguna Smog Check

Smog Testing Service & Certification

Laguna Canyon Smog  provides you with:

  • A Clean Facility
  • Standard Smog Test
  • Vehicle Verifier (VIN Verification Service)
  • Star Certified Smog Test
  • Smog Check Certifications
  • Gross Polluters Certifications
  • FREE WIFI Internet Access.
  • DMV Recommended
  • Certified Trained Smog Technicians
  • Change of Ownership Smog Test
  • Smog Check Coupons
star-certified2Laguna Canyon Smog & Auto Repair is your official Star Certified California Smog Check Station offering Smog Testing & Automotive Repair services in Laguna Beach.

With over 20 years of Smog Testing service experience, we offer our customers a professional smog service who takes extra care of your car during servicing. We also know your time is valuable and get you out door with your smog certificate as quick as possible. We offer a clean waiting area facility which includes free WIFI INTERNET access as a courtesy to our customers. So sit back and surf the web while you wait to receive your California Smog Certification hassle free.

We are a registered California License Star certified smog & auto repair service station. Customer satisfaction with quality smog checks and professional automotive repairs is the focus of our business. We serve the entire orange county area but exclusively provide smog testing near the coastal beaches of Southern California.


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    Smog checks near me and close by the following cities; Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Dana Point, Newport Coast, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Wood.

    Laguna Auto Repair Service

    We offer complete foreign and domestic auto repairs

    Laguna Auto Repair & Mechanic Service


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    Laguna Canyon Smog Auto Repair technicians are ASE Master Certified Mechanics and offers full service auto repairs, automotive maintenance, technical expertise and competitive pricing.  Laguna Canyon Smog has over 20 years of automotive experience to provide you with quality customer service to keep your car maintained.

    Technicians employed to perform inspections, repairs and certifications at stations in the Enhanced Program areas must possess an Advanced Emission Technician License.

    All our auto mechanics who perform inspections, car repairs, and certifications has obtain an Advanced Emission Technician License and ASE Master Certified. Laguna Canyon Smog services car repair services & automotive inspections for laguna beach and all of Orange County.

    To find a good mechanic is not always easy. At Laguna Canyon Smog all our mechanics are specially trained certified mechanics that will always repair your car with the utmost respect and care.

    (949) 376-7370

    Car Maintenance Services
    Automotive Tune Ups
    Oil Change, Filters & Lube
    Pre-Purchase Car Inspection
    Factory Scheduled Maintenance
    15k/30k/60k/90k/120k mile service
    Hoses Inspections
    Auto & Manual Transmission Service
    Wheels 7500 Mile
    Professional Auto Mechanic onsite


    Under the Hood
    Complete Auto Repair
    Complete Engine Repair
    Radiator Repair & Service
    Serpentine Belt
    Timing Belts & Chains
    Transmission Service & Repair
    Alternators & Starters
    Belts & Hoses
    Car Batteries
    Computer Engine Diagnostics
    Cooling System Repair & Service
    Electrical Systems Repair
    Car Emission Repair
    Fuel Pumps & Lines
    Fuel System Injector Cleaning
    Overheating Issues
    Coolant Flush
    Engine Replacements
    Engine Rebuilding

    Under the Car
    Fluid leaks
    Catalytic Converters
    CV Shafts & Joints
    CV Axles
    Driveline Repair
    Exhaust & Muffler Repair
    Four-Wheel Drive Repair
    Rack & Pinion Steering Systems
    Power Steering
    Steering & Chassis
    Shock Absorbers & Struts
    Rear End Shocks
    Springs & Suspension
    Universal Joint
    Wheel Alignment
    Wheel Balancing
    Wheel Bearings
    Drive Train
    ABS Repair
    Axle Repair
    Brake Repair & Service
    Clutch Repair
    Car Tire Repair
    Performance Tires
    Tire Balancing
    New Tire Service
    SUV & Truck Tires

    Exterior & Accessories
    Headlights & Headlamps
    Electrical Accessories
    Power Window Repair
    Trailer Hitches
    Windshield Wipers
    Custom Wheels
    Chrome Accessories
    Cold Air Intakes
    Custom Exhaust Systems
    Ground Effects
    Off-Road Lift Kits
    Performance Exhaust
    Suspension Lowering
    Body Work
    Collision repair
    Dent Repair
    Car paint
    Window tinting
    Air Conditioning Systems
    Electrical Systems Repair

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    Auto repair mechanic near me and close by the following cities; Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Dana Point, Newport Coast, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Wood.

    Oil Change

    Oil Change & Maintenance Check
    In addition to our full smog check services we offer our signature oil change and maintenance services. Laguna Canyon Smog cares about your vehicle’s longevity and we want to help you keep it properly maintained. An oil change is the easiest and cheapest way to help keep your car well maintained.  As an extra benefit during your oil change we perform a vehicle inspection and check all essential fluids to keep you informed and your vehicle humming.
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    Why do I need my oil changed?
    Any type of car requires regular oil changes & maintenance in order to keep your engine operating properly to ensure your cars longevity and healthy road life.


    How often do I need my oil changed?
    Usually you should change your oil between every 3,000 and 7,500 miles for older cars. For newer cars, auto companies recommend that you change your oil at 5,000, 7,000, 10,000 or even as high as 15,000 miles depending on your make, model, and the type of driving you do. Refer to your service manual or contact us for a custom recommendation.

    Regular Oil Changes Help:

    • Regulates Engine Temperature
    • Clean the Engine
    • Provides Proper Lubrication
    • Increase Fuel Mileage
    • Reduces Engine Problems
    • Increases Motor Longevity

    Clean oil protects your engine from damaging friction and temperature. Dirty or contaminated oil reduces the longevity and wears out your motor. It is the cheapest car maintenance you can provide your vehicle.

    Schedule an oil change appointment today and save money with our oil change coupon.


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      Car Air Conditioning Repair & Inspection

      Laguna Canyon Smog offers annual A/C inspection and performance checks to system diagnosis and ac Freon recharge or replacement of ac components handled by our qualified technicians. Regular A/C inspections help ensure cooling efficiency and identify possible refrigerant leaks. Additional services your vehicle might need include:

      • AC System fan level check
      • Air Conditioning System PSI pressure verification of Freon level
      • Output temperature check
      • Examination of blower fan and compressor
      • AC Belts and hoses inspection
      • Diagnosis of electronics to locate problems with wiring, faulty switches, fuses, or internal compressor seals

      Car AC Recharge Service

      When your Car’s air conditioning systems leaks can occur we offer an air conditioner recharge, which includes:

      • A/C Recharging with additional refrigerant
      • Utilizing fluorescent dye to visually reveal system leaks

      Laguna Canyon Smog A/C recharge services include everything from inspection to repair. If your vehicle’s AC has problems with cooling you down from California’s heat then let us help you cool down by providing you with professional automotive A/C repair services.